Join us!

  • Being part of your Playgroup community

    Besides having fun, the next most important thing is making sure we have a safe, clean and tidy Playgroup.
    • Group responsibilities

      Each group has a responsibility to the following group to ensure the centre is left free of mess and is neat and tidy.

    • Running a session

      Each group is provided with a folder that gives guidelines to operating a Playgroup session.

    • Checklist

      A duty checklist is provided to ensure all cleaning tasks are completed.

    • Toilets

      3 child-sized toilets for toddlers and young children, plus regular sized toilets for adults.

    • Amenities

      Changing area for babies, and a private parent’s bathroom.

    • High chairs

      In the baby change room we keep a small stock of high chairs.

    • Tea and coffee

      Our kitchen is well stocked with tea/coffee and members are welcome to share a cuppa with a friend whilst the littlies play.

    • Special events

      Special activities and events are organised throughout the year.

    • Donated consumables

      Such as toilet paper, paper towel, tea towels, art supplies and dress-ups.