Arrival and departure

    • Each group nominates a Group Leader.
      That person will have to sign the key register and they are responsible for that session key. Only one session key is given to each group.
    • You must accompany your child.
      When bringing your child to Playgroup you or the nominated carer for your child must accompany him/her for the duration of the session.
    • Leave the Centre clean and tidy.
      All groups are expected to use the vacuum and other cleaning products supplied at the end of each session to ensure the centre is always left in a clean and tidy state
    • Finish on time.
      At home time please ensure you and your group vacate the centre at your designated finish time so that any following groups can arrive without hindrance

    It is very important to be prompt at home time as some sessions run very closely after others. It is nice to have all members able to enjoy their full session and not have to wait for another group to be still leaving or leaving the centre in an untidy state.

    A clean and tidy Playgroup is essential to maintaining our operation. Each group has a responsibility to the following group to ensure the centre is left free of mess and is neat and tidy. Each group is provided with a folder that gives guidelines to operating a Playgroup session. This also outlines cleaning duties and your responsibilities during your session. A duty checklist is provided to ensure all cleaning tasks are completed.